Protective Wear

Safety Glasses
Premium Safety Glasses
Disposable Theatre Cap x 100
Surgical Drapes with Adhesive Aperture 50x60cm x 180
Water Repellant Surgical Drape 60cm x 60cm x 100
Dispenser for Aprons on a Roll
UltraMask Basic Surgical Tie-on Face Masks x 50
Disposable Type IIR Face Masks-Looped x 50
Blue Overshoes x 100
White Disposable Aprons-on a roll x 200
Polythene Disposable Aprons - White x 100
Fluid Resistant Gown (Non Woven Fabric) - Long Sleeve
UltraMask Visor Surgical Face Mask with Visor x 25
Universal Surgeons Hood - Blue x 100
UltraShield Basic Face Shield
Barrier Drape OP-Towel, 75x90cm, 2-ply x 38
Surgical Drape with Adhesive Aperture 75x90cm x 50
Surgical Drape with Adhesive Aperture 40x40cm x 10
Reinforced Sterile Gown SMS
Standard Sterile Surgical Gown 40+gsm SMS
Standard Non Sterile Surgical Gown 40+gsm SMS
FFP3 Face Mask - Non Valved x 10
FFP3 Face Mask - Valved x 10
Safety Goggles
ZGR 5035 FFP3 Non-Valved Mask x 10
Small LNG Knee-length TED Stockings x 12
Emerald Cuff Barrier Sleeves - XL x 40
Emerald Cuff Barrier Sleeves - L x 50
FFP2 Face Mask x 50