NIOX VERO FeNO Testing Instrument

NIOX VERO® is a point-of-care device from Circassia for assessing allergic airway inflammation in patients with respiratory problems such as asthma.  NICE guidelines recommend FeNo testing for assisting diagnoses and management of Asthma.

What NIOX VERO® gives you:

Easy to use and quick results

• Designed with patients and health care professionals in mind to ensure best performance
• Can be used both for children and adults (provided patient cooperation)
• Short start-up time
• Quick analysis time, within a minute
Facilitates clinical management decisions at the point of care

NIOX VERO is a further development from Circassia of the NIOX MINO®, the most widely used device for measuring airway inflammation in clinical practice and clinical studies all over the world. FeNO (Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide) testing with NIOX VERO offers individualised asthma management that can improve the treatment and care of patients. Regular FeNO testing of asthma patients with NIOX, measures allergic airway inflammation (Th2 driven) and helps to:

• Reveal if the patient will benefit from ICS (Inhaled corticosteroids) treatment
• Optimise ICS dose and reduce exacerbations up to 50% (1,2,3)
• Detect patient non-adherence to ICS
Whilst improving asthma outcomes and reducing costs
NIOX VERO® Specifications:
• Measurement range: FeNO 5-300ppb
• Exhalation time: 10 seconds (preferred), 6 seconds option for children <10 years
• Measurement time: 1 minute
• Dimensions: 145mm x 185mm x 41mm
• Weight: 1kg
• Service and maintenance free device
• 5 years shelf-life and 15 000 measurements
• No calibration required
NIOX VERO® Package Contains:
Instrument, Breathing Handle, Power Supply, USB Cable, Battery, User Manual, USB Memory stick including NIOX® Panel