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Ebrington Medical Resources is a new section that will hopefully benefit all of our customers. This section will be added to in due course.
Please find below a selection of currently available resources. 

The Ultraspec Speculum Range

Watch this video to see why millions of users around the world choose the Ultraspec Gynaecology Speculum range.
Be sure to claim your free sample box by clicking here. Simply type in the message box that you require a sample box and leave the postal address to where you wish it to be sent to.

InterVene - Recommended for the Healthcare Environment

InterVene is a very clever covering made up of several layers of vinyl but finished in a texture to look similar to standard cloth. 
It is waterproof, stain repellent, flame retardant and permanently antimicrobial, but manufactured to look like fabric rather being totally smooth. 
InterVene is much more hard wearing than vinyl and is specifically recommended for healthcare environments.

AHA Diagnostic ECG Electrode Placement

The quality of an ECG is dependent on the preparation and the resistance between the skin and the electrode. To ensure a good quality ECG and minimize the skin/electrode resistance, remember the following points......

Braun Thermoscan 7

Braun ThermoScan® 7 ear thermometer with Age Precision® - take the guesswork out of temperature measurement..

Spider FMD Web App

Please note that this is a standalone system that does not integrate with patent notes and its sole job it to keep track of medicines whether they be genuine or false......

LEC Control Pharmacy Refrigerator - User Guide

Control Pharmacy Refrigerator - USER GUIDE
Please keep this handbook for future reference, or for anyone else who may use the appliance

CareFusion MicroLab Operating Manual

The MicroLab is mains/battery operated portable spirometer with the unique combination of ease of use and sophistication.

CareFusion MicroLoop Operating Manual

The MicroLoop is a mains/battery operated portable spirometer with the unique combination of ease of use and sophistication. 

NIOX VERO® User Manual

NIOX VERO® Airway Inflammation Monitor User Manual

Tips for using your Littmann® Stethoscope

Five tips for using your 3M tm Littman® Stethoscope properly.