Carbon Reduction Plan

Supplier Name:     Ebrington (NI) Ltd 
Publication Date:   23 March 2023

The UK Government amended the Climate Change Act 2008 in 2019 by introducing a target for at least 100% reduction in the net UK carbon account (i.e. reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990 levels) by 2050. This is otherwise known as the ‘Net Zero’ Target. 

Action Note PPN 06/21, “Procurement Policy Note – Taking Account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts,” sets out how to take account of suppliers’ Net Zero Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts.

This plan outlines Ebrington (NI) Ltd’s compliance with Action Note PPN 06/21 and carbon reduction performance in 2022.

Commitment to achieving Net Zero 
Ebrington (NI) Ltd is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. 

Baseline Emissions Footprint
Baseline emissions are a record of the greenhouse gases that have been produced in the past and were produced prior to the introduction of any strategies to reduce emissions. Baseline emissions are the reference point against which emissions reduction can be measured.

Baseline Year: 2021
Additional Details relating to the Baseline Emissions calculations

Our emissions data is reported in line with the GHGP Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard under the ‘Operational Control’ approach. Scope 2 emissions are calculated using the GHGP market-based methodology. Per the GHGP, where market-based information is not available, location-based results have been used as proxy. 

Emissions data have not been published prior years, therefore we have selected 2021 as our baseline. We continue to partner with our third party and value chain partners to obtain suitable country level data for Scope 3 emissions calculations in the following categories:

• Category 4: Upstream transportation and distribution
• Category 5: Waste generated in operations
• Category 6: Business travel
• Category 7: Employee commuting
• Category 9: Downstream transportation and distribution

These emissions calculations at the UK country level are undergoing refinement. We are continuing accuracy assessments on this data and calculation methodologies are not complete at this time.

Baseline Year Emissions:
Scope 1 26.52
Scope 2 3.96
Scope 3 (Included Sources) 1,946.29
Current Emissions Reporting 
Reporting Year: 2022
Scope 1 43.95
Scope 2 4.73
Scope 3 (Included Sources) 1,778.15

Emissions Reduction Targets

In order to continue our progress to achieving Net Zero, we have adopted the following carbon reduction targets.
We project that carbon emission will decrease over the next five years  to 1,655.00 tCO₂e by 2027. This is a reduction of 15%.
Progress against these targets can be seen in the graph below:

*Graph shows total emissions in metric tons CO₂

Carbon Reduction Projects
The following environmental management measures and projects have been completed or implemented within Ebrington (NI) Ltd since the 2021 baseline:

·         Implemented car sharing with employees commuting
·         Implementing carbon reduction educational awareness
·         Completed installing LED lighting 
·         Continue introducing hybrid vehicles
·         Introducing products with recycled content.

In the future we hope to implement further measures such as:

·         Engage the supply chain to manage and reduce our Scope 3 carbon emissions
·         Continued educational awareness and training 
·         Consider energy efficiency as part of the evaluation of future building upgrades
·         Procurement of renewable energy.

Declaration and Sign Off 
This Carbon Reduction Plan has been completed in accordance with PPN 06/21 and associated guidance and reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans. 

Emissions have been reported and recorded in accordance with the published reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans and the GHG Reporting Protocol corporate standard and uses the appropriate Government emission conversion factors for greenhouse gas company reporting. 

Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions have been reported in accordance with SECR requirements, and the required subset of Scope 3 emissions have been reported in accordance with the published reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans and the Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard. 

This Carbon Reduction Plan has been reviewed and signed off by the Board of Directors on 23 March 2023.

Signed on behalf of Ebrington (NI) Ltd

Raymond White (Director)